Helping Hands Network Foundation

Supporting children in primary schools,
including those impacted by limited access to knowledge and resources

We believe all children deserve the same access to education and development opportunities. We understand that there are many circumstances that may stand in the way of this. We are helping fill the gaps so that more children can lead happy and  fulfilling lives.

Improving the lives of children

Improving the lives of children

Helping Hands Network Foundation was established in 2011 to deliver Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services in Queensland schools. Since then, we have worked closely with the school communities we support and have developed a deep understanding of the challenges children and families face in the school environment. It has become increasingly evident that many children and families require a broader range of services than they are currently able to access.

Some children  start school behind, stay behind in the years that follow, and leave school before finishing year 12. We know that children from low socioeconomic status backgrounds are more than twice as likely to be developmentally vulnerable when starting school compared to children from high socioeconomic backgrounds. Socioeconomic background also impacts the physical and mental health, employment prospects, community involvement and social welfare of young people. Helping Hands Network Foundation believes every child deserves equal access to quality education and a positive schooling experience, regardless of their background.

Along with continuing to deliver OSHC services in Queensland schools, the Helping Hands Network Foundation seeks to improve the lives of children, their families and their communities, across Queensland. To do this, we partner with local services and charities, and deliver tailored funding programs with an emphasis on supporting education, wellbeing, and social welfare.